Tripod Turnstile Gate

Flap Barrier Gate Turnstile CXT-YW160A

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Flap Barrier Gate Turnstile CXT-YW160A

    • Adopt control technology, which has stronger function and better expandability.
    • Low noise, sound can be achieved ≤ 20 decibels.
    • mechanism flap barrier turnstile gate use for school with access control

    1.Easy operation and convenient maintenance with functions of self-diagnostic for failure with alarm.
    2. Performance feature can be setting via turnstile control board and that it’s suitable for extensibility.
    3. Double protections of infrared and mechanical anti-pinch function:the turnstile  will automatic stop or
    rebound, sending out alarm signal at the same time when a sudden barrier force is happened during system
    4. Multi-modes alarm function, including unauthorized intrusion, anti-intrusion, anti-trailing, overtime alarm,
    5. Unauthorized passing prohibit feature: without receiving the opening signal, turnstile arm locks
    6. Anti-Reverse function,when somebody attempt to passing reversely, the barrier arm will quickly shuts and at the same time alarms.
    7. Flexible access instruction function, High brightness LED passing indication. green and red arrow indicate
    the passing guide.
    8. keep opening or closing mode can be set by code-dialing or control by external button.
    9. Overtime function setting feature: System will automatically cancel the access authority when no objects
    passing detected within the setting time (adjustable).
    10. Arm auto can keep open when power is off(free passing) in case of emergency.
    11. Can be linked with a variety of control system, receiving the signal of relay switch.
    12.  Multi- Passing modes: uni-direction or bi-direction can be selected.
    13. Strong environment adapting ability, Turnstile can be working properly under harsh environments, with strong ego defense ability. Withstand with weak current, short circuit, humid, rain and snow weather, typhoon or even other environmental change.

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