Tripod Turnstile Gate

Luxury Flap Barrier Gate CXT-YW160B

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Luxury Flap Barrier Gate CXT-YW160B

Luxury Flap Barrier Gate Main Functions and Features:

  • Adopt control technology, which has stronger function and better expandability.
  • Low noise, sound can be achieved ≤ 20 decibels.
  • mechanism flap barrier turnstile gate use for school with access control

Luxury Flap Barrier Gate Expansible Functions:

  • Auto bidirectional counter: Automatically count the number present(customized)
  • Voice prompt(customized)
  • Barrier arm material and color can be customized
Because of its tall appearance design, complete functions, and stable performance indicators of the passage wing gate, it is widely used in subway stations, office buildings, residential areas, construction sites and other places.

Passage wing gate and passage swing gate

Then, why does the passage wing gate occupy such an important position among many gates? Many people will say that it is because of the price. In fact, it is not the case. The price of the passage wing gate is not the lowest among the gates. Matching, its cost performance and functionality are not the best in the channel gate. So why is it still the most popular? Below we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the passage wing gate in detail in two parts.

access wing gate for primary school

1. The passing speed is the fastest among all turnstiles.
2. The channel width is between the tripod gate and the swing gate, generally between 550mm-900mm.
3. The appearance is more beautiful, and the material of the gate wing is more abundant.
4. In an emergency, the gate wings will quickly retract into the box, which can easily form a barrier-free passage, increase the passing speed, and facilitate the evacuation of pedestrians.
1. The control method is more complicated and the cost is higher.
2. Insufficient dustproof ability, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust and apply lubricating oil
3. The appearance is relatively simple and the plasticity is not strong.
4. Restricted by the shape of the blocking body, the impact resistance of the passage wing gate is lower than that of the three-roller gate, and pedestrians illegally rush to close the barrier and easily damage the gate wings and the movement.
5. The technical requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. If the design is not good, the reliability of the product and the anti-pinch ability to avoid personal injury will be greatly reduced.
It is suitable for indoor occasions with a large flow of people, such as schools, factories, office buildings, residential areas and other places. It is also suitable for occasions that require high aesthetics.
Different types of gates for pedestrian passages are used in different occasions, which should be determined according to the actual situation. Shenzhen Deyi Smart supports various formulations.

Luxury Flap Barrier Gate Function Comparison Table:

Dynamic access control system,

vehicle access door,

door for people to pass through,

vehicle access control,

Access control,

Access control solutions,

Access control platform,

Access control during fire alarm,

Access control,

Access Card,

Elevator access control,

access control parameters,

Biometric access control,

Fingerprint access control,

Password access control,

Num.Item nameGeneral seriesBrush-less Series
1Rotation motorBrushBrush-less
2Positioning modeMechanical and Optical positioningBrush-less smart positioning
3Control technologySCMARM
4Running noiseBigVery Small(quiet)
5Mechanical wearBigVery small
7Running speedUniform,slow Speedadjustable,fast
8SmoothGeneralVery smooth
9Open and close time0.6-1s0.4-1s
10Passing speed30-40person/minuteAbove 40person/minute
11Lifespan3-5 year5-10 year
12Rotation lifespan5 million timesAbove 8 million times
13Date settingDialingNumerical code button
14Passing memorywithwith
15Feedback signal outputwithwith
16Delay closingwithwith

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